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The coolant water outlet, also known as the thermostat housing or coolant outlet housing, is a component of the engine cooling system. It is typically located on the engine and is connected to the upper radiator hose. The coolant water outlet serves several important functions:

  1. Thermostat Housing: The coolant outlet houses the thermostat, which regulates the flow of coolant through the engine. The thermostat helps the engine reach operating temperature quickly and maintains it within the optimal range.
  2. Coolant Passage: The outlet provides a passage for the coolant to flow from the engine to the radiator and back, allowing the coolant to absorb heat from the engine and release it in the radiator.
  3. Temperature Sensor Location: In modern vehicles, the coolant outlet often contains a temperature sensor that sends temperature readings to the engine control module (ECM) or temperature gauge on the dashboard.
  4. Coolant Bleeder: Some coolant outlets have a bleeder valve or screw that allows air to escape from the cooling system, ensuring proper coolant flow and preventing air pockets that can cause overheating.

Replacing the coolant water outlet is a common maintenance task. Over time, the outlet can develop leaks or the thermostat may fail, requiring replacement. When replacing the coolant outlet, it’s important to use a high-quality replacement part and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for coolant type and bleeding the cooling system.

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